Sermons and Writing about Israel

Here are some posts and sermons about Israel:

Sermons (some pdf files)

Parashat Ekev – Summer 2006

Shabbat Atzmaut – April 2007

Seventh Day Pesach – April 2007

Parashat Yitro – February 2007

Parashat Vayechi – January 2009

Parashat Toldot – November 2011

Yachad and The Zionist Federation – March 2013

Shabbat Atzmaut revisiting Seventh Day Pesach of 2007 – May 2014

Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye – Shabbat Nachamu – August 2014

Confronting Terror on Tu B’Av – July 2015

Shared Hope and the Dispossessed – March 2016


Blog posts

Inspite of It all

Zecher l’aggadah

Israeli elections

Neutrality and Its Discontents

UK rabbis writing on Israel during Gaza conflict 2014

A Response to David Ward MP


Ends and Means: Idolatry of the State

Searching for Hope

Non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel

Arriving in Israel


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