Girls, Boys and Toys – Happy Chanukkah

It’s that time of year again. Finally Toys R Us have taken a step to change their website from marketing girls and boys toys. Well done to the campaigners. Can’t believe I wrote this two years ago.

And here was the follow up:

Prelude to Hope

A recent surge of interest in a new toy targeted at encouraging girls to discover engineering has made me realise that, this Chanukkah, I may have grown up but the toy manufacturers, retailers and advertising executives have not. I never imagined that in the year 2013, my daughters would effectively be treated as idiots only happy playing with pink, fluffy and largely passive dolls, whilst my friends’ sons would relish the blue, exciting, interactive and occasionally violent toys. This seasonal period, the Archbishop of Canterbury may encourage you to spend less, but I’m going to advise you to spend wisely.

Justin Welby has a point. In a recent page of eight toys advertised as presents for this festive season, only one toy featured cost less than £20. We may be in a period of deep austerity but the toy manufacturers do not really care about your child’s satisfaction – they care about your money. But like the Archbishop of Canterbury I know there is no…

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