Where we are and what we might do: 10,000,000 refugees

Another sermon on the issue of the refugee crisis. #refugeeswelcome

Prelude to Hope

2015-06-24 11.45.59

I sat in the Houses of Parliament in a committee room listening. Here was a young man who had managed to flee Syria and begin life in the UK. His father – dead. His friends family – all dead. He told the group, gathered under the aegis of a Citizens UK campaign with Refugee Action, that there were 10 million refugees and 500,000 dead in the conflict. This is the biggest refugee crisis since the second world war.

Where do we put ourselves?

I have a friend, an amazing educator and activist in Israel, who asked a simple question – wracked with what we might call the guilt of being unable to do anything about genocide in places like Kosovo (in our lifetimes) – he asked what would we be prepared to do to intervene in the chaos and devastation of our time?

A response

We need to reframe our conversations about…

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