Sanctuary: Call to expand the Syrian vulnerable persons relocation scheme (a sermon) #refugeeswelcome

Here’s a sermon from last December on the issue about why the refugee issue is important to us.

Prelude to Hope

Our Torah reading this morning takes us on the journey from Joseph the spoiled home-boy to being sold into slavery and finally ending up in Egypt languishing in prison, where our Torah portion finishes this week, seems straightforward enough. But from there he’s going to ascend to the greatest height in Egyptian society and that will spell the beginning of the end of this story of one family as they go on to become a hated people in a land where a malevolent ruler ‘knew not Joseph’. Egyptian Slavery is looming over our heads already as these boys squabble over how to treat their brother.

If we were to retell the Joseph story, and not as a West End musical, we have the makings of a gritty drama. A teenage boy is sold into slavery and trafficked into an unknown land by passing merchants. Now, finding his feet slowly in…

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