Reblogging: Books and Toys – shouldn’t be labelled for girls and boys


I’m reposting this because a year ago I was shopping with one daughter and it incensed me. Today the same experience with my younger daughter – colouring books labelled ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’. Clear to me that we need to strengthen the counter cultural initiatives that challenge normative expectations for our children.

Prelude to Hope

Is it possible that those responsible for toy and book design and packaging have had some kind of collective break down in their professional competency? I’ve come to the conclusion that they actually have some kind of professional dysfunction because nothing else can explain the disrespectful way they have started to treat consumers and the sheer audacity in labelling everything from colouring pages, construction toys, electronic devices, monsters, cuddly families and airfix kits as ‘for girls’ of ‘for boys’. The last straw this week was seeing the number of books with the same subtitle brought to my attention by the brilliant ‘Let Toys Be Toys‘. Seriously, books, and fairy tales at that, labelled as for boys or for girls.

If you want to spew your own skewed ideas of gender and individual differences to anyone who will listen to you in your chic, bohemian, café that’s up to…

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