Community engagement: No easy solutions but some reflections

In my sermon on Shabbat evening I mentioned two things I would repeat over and over: If you’re not engaging and learning then why would our children think it is worth doing. But secondly, what I think our Jewish community Iron Rule should be (drawing on the Community Organising Rule) “We can’t do what you can do for yourself”. So here’s me reblogging the post where I first mention this in October 2014.

Prelude to Hope

A few weeks ago my post of the ‘Banned List’ for synagogues was shared and commented upon by many people. A number of comments were sympathetic or felt my frustrations were echoing their frustrations. However, at the same time a number of comments pushed for solutions. It was all well and good leveling a critique but without anything tangible to offer I was verging on unfair cynicism and certainly failing to credit the work of so many people (especially volunteers) in bringing our synagogues to the point they are at today.

So I’m going to list the things that I think are important to how we work in communities. More plans to think about these issues are in the pipeline but this will have to do for now:

1 Self-authorship of Jewish life – CHANGING THE US AND THEM

I’m aware that there have been movements before and there are still…

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