Human Rights – An Authentic Expression of Judaism

With the news of the debate about the Human Rights Act again after the election, I’m reposting a couple of old blog posts on the subject. Here’s the second one.

Prelude to Hope

With the debate about the European Convention of Human Rights and The Human Rights Act once again in the public eye, I have been thinking about what an authentic Jewish stance towards the subject of Human Rights might look like. An excellent article appeared in the JC last week by Adam Wagner (interestingly what I write here was already written before I read his piece – some around 10th December 2011 for the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – I think there’s a strong overlap). There’s lots on the web about the subject, but I felt I had something unique to add:

The debate in the Jewish community about human rights frequently turns to identifying foundational texts that enshrine ideas of human rights within a religious framework. However, the discussion in which we try and identify the universalistic texts of our tradition that seem to embody notions…

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