The Trouble With Identity Politics

This was a post on identity politics from April 2012 in the lead up to an election.

Prelude to Hope

This piece was written in advance of the election next week, and in light of the debate about the Mayoral election within the Jewish community and George Galloway’s success in Bradford West. Not to mention the usual inflammatory identity stuff from the BNP which is in my opinion racism in disguise (see this leaflet for example – could barely bring myself to download it).

The problem with identity politics is that everyone who is not involved in pontificating about what it means to hold a certain identity tends to be lumped together in an amorphous mass or may even feel bullied into some kind of homogeneous model of identity that, beneath the surface, does not reflect the reality. The delicate balance between setting out a shared sense of identity and belonging in tension with the uniqueness of every individual is battered by the blunt political discourse. My research of…

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